Blademaster (Guspro) is featured in The Canadian Business Journal.

The entire article can be found here.


February 2013 – Guspro started as a manufacturer and distributor of honing machines and abrasives in 1932, and the company remains competitive today by continuously creating and providing innovative industry solutions. Guspro offers three product lines but the company’s most renowned trademark – Blademaster – gives this Canadian company some serious bragging rights, as Blademaster is the No.1 supplier of skate sharpening and contouring machines to the NHL. Blademaster machines are endorsed by the Society of Professional Equipment Managers (SPHEM), and are used by eight of the top Olympic teams [Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Slovakia].

Located in Chatham, Ont., this family business has remained successful over the past 80 years due to a strong vision, industry knowledge, and the ability to change direction in order to keep the business moving forward.

The company celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2012, and today, the Guspro umbrella operates three successful divisions: Blademaster, Sunnen Products Distribution, and Guspro Heat Cleaning Ovens. The Canadian Business Journal sat down with Brian Sunnen, Vice-President, and Al Moon, General Sales Manager, as they revealed some of the secrets behind running three distinctive businesses of international prominence.

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