Blademaster (Guspro) named Industry of the Month

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June 2013 – A local family business with an eight-decade history has been recognized as an important industry with the municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Guspro Inc. has been designated “Feature Industry” for the month of June 2013 by the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce and Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Economic Development Services.

“It’s a highlight for the business. It really is a feather in the cap, and it’s a recognition of what they do in the community,” said Chris Appleton, chairperson with the C-K Chamber of Commerce. “They really are a pillar in the community. They’ve been around for so long and are very much a contributor to the community,”

A Chamber committee went over numerous businesses looking for certain standards before finally selecting Guspro as the Feature Industry for June, Appleton said.

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