Used Equipment

Blademaster offers used skate care equipment and supplies. Used equipment is refurbished and updated according to Blademaster standards for reselling.

Please contact customer service for pricing at: 

In Canada, call: 1-888-648-7776

In US, call: 1-800-878-4648

Please note: These equipment lists are updated on a regular basis.

North America - Used Equipment List

Please contact customer service at for pricing.

International - Used Equipment List

Please contact customer service at for pricing.


  • Finishing head(s) and cross-grind are checked, bearings, motors replaced if required
  • Cabinet and duct work are cleaned up, plexi-glass shields, filters are cleaned or replaced as necessary
  • Electrical wiring and components are checked and replaced if defective
  • Standard wheels are installed on machine
  • Diamond dresser tips are changed if required and replaced with our standard 687 diamond
  • Machine is fully checked for functionality and packed for shipment
  • 3 month warranty


All of the above *plus*:

  • Bearings and cross-grind bearings and motors are replaced
  • Cabinet and duct work are inspected, cleaned, cabinet paint touched up, wheels guards are repainted or replaced
  • Plexi-glass shields are replaced, table top is cleaned and replaced if necessary.
  • Cartridge filter is replaced
  • New premium grinding wheels
  • New premium diamond dresser tips
  • New machine warranty (1 year)