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Proud to be the official and exclusive supplier to eight of the top national hockey federations, including Hockey Canada and Team USA. Blademaster™ machines are also endorsed by the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM).

Blademaster™ Skate Sharpening machines have been endorsed by the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM), representing over 200 teams from the NHL, AHL, ECHL, CHL, NCAA, SPHL, OHL, QMJHL, and WHL!

All Skate Care Needs
We have all the equipment and supplies you need to take care of your players.

And we service what we sell! Our customers have toll-free access to customer service and technical support.
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Improve Your Game - From Peewee to Pro

Profiles & Hollows

Maximize your performance by choosing the right profile and optimal hollow, using the same equipment as the pros!

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Preserve your blade shape and consistent edges for the life of your blade with Blademaster™ Skate Sharpeners.

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Skate Sharpening 101

Ready to get started? Learn the basics of skate sharpening from our experts!

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80 years of
Manufacturing and Design Expertise
The only Skate Sharpening Machine Endorsed by SPHEM.
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Happy Customers!


"We appreciate your help and continued partnership over the years as well and look forward to working with you for years to come. The new machine here not only works awesome, but the height is great for us and the exhaust works very well. Not to mention the custom paint job and USAH logo."

Brock Bradley
Equipment Manager, USA HOCKEY National Development Team

"We are very happy with our new machine, being able to have 2 guys sharpen at the same time is a huge benefit for us. I have also been very happy with the new exhaust system. I have had many comments on the great look of the machine! Being able to use our team colors and design the look of the machine is a great benefit. Thanks Blademaster and NESSI for the continued great service."

Darren Granger
Equipment Manager, LA Kings

"My experience with Blademaster has been fantastic. The service is top-shelf. The product is top-shelf. I highly recommend it to anybody - any of my colleagues or anyone in the retail side looking to do something with skate sharpening. They have by far the best product in the market. I've been using it since Lake Superior - I've always sharpened skates using a Blademaster."

Paul Boyer
Equipment Manager, Detroit Red Wings

"I just recently switched back to a Blademaster machine - over the last seven or eight years it's amazing to see the change in machinery. The PLATINUM machine they have today is wonderful. It's got a clean filtered exhaust, the machine is quieter, and the tabletop made of granite allows for a smooth surface to work with."

Brian Papineau
Equipment Manager, Toronto Maple Leafs

"I always had Blademaster machines at home, in the practice facility, and on the road. I like the product, first of all, and it comes with great customer service. Blademaster does an awesome job. Again, customer service is second to none. It’s the type of service we need in our line of business."

Pierre Gervais
Equipment Manager, Montreal Canadiens

"It's all I've ever used; they've always taken good care of me. Everything works great and it's built to last and that makes my job a lot easier."

Troy Parchman
Equipment Manager, Chicago Blackhawks