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The new Blademaster website is built on the Shopify platform. It features responsive design, making it mobile friendly. All our products continue to be available for purchase. We are upgrading and improving photos as we go.


Shopify Payments is the default payment gateway, integrated into the dashboard for seamless online payments. It's powered by Stripe. Please note: the Blademaster team has decided to not utilize the Paypal system, therefore Paypal is not a payment option on the site.


Shipping options are the same as the previous site.

Canadian Orders: Fedex

US Orders: UPS

Interested in other shipping options? Please call 1-888-648-7776 or email to discuss more before ordering.


Order history has NOT been transferred over to the new system - however order history IS captured in our internal system. Please contact customer service at with any questions you may have.

Customers will be able to create accounts (if one does not currently exist) and will be able to see their order history going forward.

We hope you enjoy the new Blademaster website experience!

Guspro Inc.

Blademaster™ is the global leader in skate care equipment and supplies. Blademaster skate sharpening machines are sold worldwide, and can be found in over 50 countries. We are proud to be the official and exclusive supplier to eight of the top national hockey federations, including Hockey Canada and Team USA. Blademaster machines are also endorsed by the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM).

Blademaster is a division of Guspro Inc., a family owned and operated business located in Chatham, ON, Canada. Guspro entered the skate sharpening business in 1987 with the acquisition of TSM/Custom Radius, and shortly thereafter renamed the division to Blademaster.


The #1 skate care company worldwide, Blademaster equipment can be found in over 50 countries.The Choice of Professionals, Blademaster is trusted by eight of the top national hockey federations, and endorsed by the Society of Professonal Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM).

Ice King

Since 1968, Ice King has been a pioneer in the quest for a machine that can help ice makers produce optimal ice conditions for curlers.  This dedication has made the Ice King brand synonymous with curling ice scraping machines throughout the world.

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bayco ovens

BAYCO designs, manufactures and sells innovative heat-cleaning solutions for the electric motor rewind industry, the powder coating and finishing industry, the automotive rebuilding industry and the plastic and polymer industry.

Visit Bayco Website

Distributed Products Division

Our Distributed Products division principally serves the Canadian industrial and automotive sectors.  Guspro distributes products for a number of other excellent companies:

Our Mission

To be the industry leader in our chosen markets by building long term relationships with our customers and our employees

To provide our customers with quality products and services that meet and exceed their expectations.

Our Vision

  • Blademaster™ will be the best small company in the world
  • The company will provide products that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers
  • Blademaster™ will have products that are of value to the community
  • Blademaster™ will strive to make the world a better place
  • The company must be profitable to continue to provide income, security,
    and an exciting future for all associated with the company
  • The employees are included in the vision and are encouraged to take personal
    pride in what they are doing and to grow with the company
  • All should have fun, enjoy what's going on and be challenged by the future

Our Values

  • We will operate in an honest, legal, and ethical manner, placing high value on individual and collective integrity
  • We are customer focused and driven by the needs of the market
  • We do what we say we will do - with pride in our products
  • We hire the best people and encourage personal growth
  • We encourage and reward results
  • We are committed to quality, safety, and environmental leadership
  • We encourage teamwork and strive to empower everyone on the team
  • We respect and value everyone's contribution
  • We enjoy work and believe that we have to create a good working environment
  • We believe in open, honest communication and that everyone should be treated with fairness and dignity
  • We encourage risk-taking and creativity

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