Brand Guidelines

We are thrilled you would be like to partner with Blademaster!

The Blademaster™ visual identity guidelines have been developed to communicate the acceptable uses of our logos and brand colours for print, web, advertising, and digital communications.

Please review the approved logos within the provided document and determine which Blademaster™ logo will be the most suitable for your purposes. Blademaster™ representatives are available to assist in the decision making process if required.


  1. Contact Danielle Blommers at to obtain a copy of our Brand Guidelines.
  2. Review information and provide a mockup or screenshot of what you want to produce for review prior to production. 
  3. High resolution logo files will be provided from a Blademaster™ representative.
  4. Reproduction must be made using the highest resolution possible for the specific uses (e.g. website or print).
  5. The Blademaster™ logo must be equal in size to your logo (not smaller or larger).